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Serving the Latest News: Volleyball Playoffs

Chloe Groeneveld

Nov 13, 2023

The Emerald Sound Conference Volleyball Playoffs started on October 28th in Bear Creek’s gym at 4pm. Lady Turks took on the University Prep Cougars and took the win in three sets. Since the Ladies won, they had to play a second game that day at 7pm against Bear Creek. The sets between the Grizzlies and the Lady Turks were intense but it ended 1-3 in favor of the Grizzlies. The Lady Turks season was not over, they still had another chance. Seattle Academy won against South Whidbey which meant that the Lady Turks had to play away at South Whidbey on November 1st at 6pm to keep the season going.  “The atmosphere was definitely different, but I think it's because their gym is old, and we aren’t super used to it. But despite that we were pumped,” Jenna Fleming commented in an interview. After warmups, each starter was introduced and in a funny circumstance of events, the varsity volleyball teams finally had their chance to sing the national anthem, due to the failure of technology. The sets had impressive rallies and never once did the Lady Turks give up. In the end the Falcons won 3 sets and the Lady Turk won none. The main struggle the Lady Turks have experienced this whole year was the mental challenge the volleyball game gives. “We struggled a lot with keeping our momentum up as well as fighting internal battles,” Fleming stated. Talking to Fleming about what also impacted the game she included that, “I don’t believe the refs had a strong influence on the game but there was a slight influence, especially when they wouldn’t call obvious things. The main struggle with the game against the Falcons was that the atmosphere was weird, I don’t know exactly what it was, but it was off,”. Since this was the last game of the season it resulted in many emotions, especially those from the eight seniors playing and two senior managers. “There were a lot of tears after the game, for many of us that was our last volleyball game ever. For me personally the tears were from the loss and realizing that my volleyball career was over. Our coach shared some tears with us, she was proud of what we had done this season and proud of the girls we have become,". Lady Turks Volleyball were in the upper division this year and it was a completely different atmosphere compared to last year, but they competed and played hard. Making history-beating Seattle Academy at Seattle Academy, beating Overlake and South Whidbey at home, and beating East Side Prep home and away- as well as being a competitor for state play-offs, the Lady Turks had an impressive year.  

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