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Foxes: The Rascals of the Wilderness... and City?

Kegan Aamold

Nov 24, 2023

The famous American Actress and Singer-Songwriter, Ruth Brown once wonderfully said “A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.” This metaphor implies that the foxes have maybe the same features as a wolf and are in the same family as a wolf (Canine Family), but they are gentler animals than a wolf.  


These little critters are so fascinating to me because of their big mischievous mind. Foxes are often known for being tricky and intelligent. They escape danger from their predator with strategic thinking and elite quickness. Some Fox species' methods of escaping and defense mechanisms are maddening to me. For example, Arctic Foxes' white fur makes it hard for wolves, polar bears, and golden eagles to spot them among the ice and snow. Their soundproof feet helped them so enemies wouldn’t hear their steps.   


There are 22 different species of Foxes (all listed in the photo)  


The largest being the Red Fox. With an average size of 14 – 20 inches and 8 to 15 pounds. The nocturnal Fennec Fox is the world's smallest fox being, 9.5 to 16 inches and 2 to 4 pounds in size. 


Red Foxes are good at catching animals such as rabbits and birds, along with some rodents. Foxes also will eat vegetation, fruits, nuts, insects, and garbage like a raccoon. 


The most incredible fact about these cute little critters is how they can live almost anywhere. Foxes live in environments ranging from torrid Arctic tundras to hot scorching deserts. Red Foxes are spread across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia and they can be found in open areas, forests, farmlands, deserts, and even cities. Although the Red Foxes are all around the world, The Arctic Fox remains north in the cold tundra. The rest of the other Fox species live across the world today.  


Foxes are one of my favorite animals, their intelligence and cuteness make them high in my animal rankings. Researching more about Foxes gave me have better understanding of them, and created a new interest for me.  



All the Fox species.  




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