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December Student of the Month

Daniela Esmeralda

Jan 2, 2024

Frida Chavez. Student of the month, she would like to give a piece of advice, “A piece of advice I would give to be Turk of the month is to be humble. Being humble is an important trait that helps us stay grounded. Nobody is perfect, but if we try to be more open to learning from others and showing respect, we can grow as individuals”. Being Student of the Month also comes with making schoolwork a priority, Frida says that she considers making schoolwork for those around her easier to be a weakness. When it comes to school projects, she will try to take on the most demanding tasks, so that her classmates don’t have to stress about it. If she sees someone struggling with something she knows how to do, she’ll help them even if I do not have the time for it. Being a self-starter is another advantage of being on top of schoolwork and getting to do things by yourself, being independent. She would consider herself a self-starter for many reasons. Such as liking to keep busy and find more useful and when she is doing something productive. Such as having directions, she’ll find it easy to focus on her work. Feeling accomplished when she gets all her work done. Not only is she going big in school, but she also has big dreams for after high school! After high school she is hoping to go to college and advance in her studies. As of right now, she is interested in becoming a veterinarian. She hopes

to travel in the summer before entering college. She wants to go to college in the state; have not seen a specific one as of now. I tried soccer once, but I never really got into it. They are very demanding, and I respect everyone who can commit to sports and find passion in them. - Frida C.

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