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Women's History Month

Sally Lor

Mar 7, 2024

Did you know that March is the month of Womens history month. This is the month that we get to encourage the studies, observance and celebrate the role of women in American history. Womens history month first started in 1978. Congress passed a law designating March as the month to celebrate women's history. There are many different reasons to celebrate this month but one of the very few reasons is to honor the females in the world who have dedicated their lives in ensuring that women were granted equal rights to men. Every year there is a new theme to represent history. This year’s theme is “Celebrating women who tell stories.” This theme honors the important role that women have played in storytelling throughout history. 

So how would you honor March as the month of Womens History Month? There are various of ways you can do this and can learn about each women's history to help learn more about your own knowledge about women and women who has shaped the world into how it is today. One of the very few ways you can do this by is researching about the impact of women. Everyone comes from a different diverse background as well so taking the time to learn about women who has different ethnicity backgrounds is one way to show support in this month.  

Think this month of something to honor your mom or a women figure in your life. Womens history month is a month to not just honor past women in the history but also to celebrate and honor the women you have in your life currently. Let's appreciate the women we have in our life and appreciate the past women in today's history who has made the world into the way it is today. 

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