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Corson's Cupcake Wars

Daniela Esmeralda

Mar 11, 2024

On Friday, March 9th, 2024, there was a competition for the Cupcake Wars for all culinary classes hosted by Molly Corson. All the teams had to write their grocery list, write their recipes, and design their cupcakes on paper to plan out exactly what the finished product would look like. There were many different flavors and themes, some groups made vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon buttercream, and blueberry. For themes, 6th period did Pacman, Barbie, Space, Summer, Ocean, and Christmas. The day before the judges came into Corson’s class to try them and rate them 1 out of 10 on the bite-ability - cake to frosting ratio, frosting – flavor, type, texture? Cake – moistness, flavor, texture? Presentation – are they eye appealing? Theme – cupcake/decorations do they go with the theme? The day of the competition, teams were decorating their cupcakes with their frostings, sprinkles, and fruits. Many of the teams used a piping bag for the frosting to make a swirl on the cupcakes. At 12:45pm, the 6th class of the day, all the contestants were prepping their cupcakes for the judges that were going to eat them at 1pm. The students made 4 eye appealing, moist, rich flavored cupcakes and brought one to each judge. Mr. Rudd, Ms. Kelley, Ms. Hickman and Ms. Anderson and Ms. Garibay. They each tried the cupcakes one by one, starting with the lemon cake, lemon frosting raspberry filling, this team got 46/50, theme was summer. The next one was blueberry with cream cheese, they got 42/50 and the theme was the ocean! Then vanilla with peppermint buttercream was next, the theme was Christmas. They got 42/50. Pacman theme was vanilla frosting lemon cupcake, they got a total of 24/50. Barbie theme was a cupcake with strawberry with lemon buttercream, they got 48/50! Lastly, the theme space is a cupcake with vanilla/chocolate marble with vanilla buttercream, the score is unknown. Now for the placing, the summer cupcakes got 3rd place, the Christmas cupcakes got 2nd place, and the winners of the cupcake wars were the Barbie cupcakes! Good job everyone. 

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