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Wizard of Oz

Matei Zamfiroiu

Feb 20, 2023

"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz", originally a childrens novel written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 (, is probably one of -if not- the most memorable movie adaptations to first be produced in Technicolor. The iconic moment of Dorothy, who was played by Judy Garland, stepping out of her house and entering a world of color solidified itself in many peoples hearts. The era of the movies' release, the great depression, was a hard time for many americans, which is represented quite a lot in the story itself. Dorothy is being mistreated by Almira Gulch, the evil woman who owns most of the Kansas county that she happens to live in and plainly represents the greedy bankers and capitalists who were widely seen as oppressing ordinary Americans during the Depression. Dorothy dreams of a world where such injustice does not exist, or to quote the character herself:"someplace where there isn't any trouble".The upkeeping tone of "The wizard of Oz" was a great help to the american spirit, especially since many people were struggling financially and mentally. Having more happy/cheerful movies made was actually part of president Franklin Roosevelts plan, the new deal, to repair the state America was in and change it for the better( hollywood-and-new-deal).To summarize, Oz was made to have an impact on american minds and succeeded, since it ended up motivating the lower class to push through and fight through their grey days to make them colorful. The inspiration and beauty of this movie also inspired our SHS theatre club to adapt the wizard of Oz as a musical, to hopefully bring just as much joy to the people of today! 

it to do filming of the field. This movie for me was a 10/10. The music in this was outstanding and made some scenes more thrilling and nerve racking. The acting from all characters was very well done, all characters had a moment where they stood out and had an iconic line. The filming in this was well done, everything was well done and was perfect. My favorite scene was at the end when Oppenheimer told Einstein that he gave man kind the power to destroy themselves. This part was even better when it showed earth shooting nukes around itself and seeing it becoming on fire. Overall this movie was amazing and it’s definitely worth seeing in theaters.

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