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SHS Homecoming Parade: A Sight to See

Chris Newton

Oct 11, 2023

The Sultan High School 2023 Homecoming Parade was very much something worth catching, with dozens of students piled into trucks, rolling around town with the marching band and color guard leading them on. Even more community members took to the streets to watch the demonstration and show support for our students. This demonstration was something special, and truly a sight to see. 

The Fire Department Leads the Way. 

Leading our parade in the very front were various Sultan first responders. Vehicles from Sultan Police, Fire, and EMS made an appearance, making up the vanguard of the parade. Flashing lights and blaring sirens made for an exciting spectacle and a great way to start a parade.  


Marching in Rhythm.  

Coming up next in the formation was our very own color guard and marching band. With color guard leading the way for the rest of the parade, flags waving and feet moving, our drums provide the rhythm.  


Music in Motion. 


Most of the rest of the parade was made up of our various clubs, associations, and sports members. These included our football teams, FFA, cheerleaders, and more. The Lady Turks volleyball team was pulled by in a wagon trailer, our football teams hitched a ride on an open trailer, and further back were even horses.  



Sports and Cheer.  


Our football teams loaded into large open trailers and were bursting with energy and excitement. Holding up signs and cheering for the spectators, the eagerness for the football game was palpable. Being in the crowd, you could really feel the enthusiasm. 


Big Rigs and Turk Pride. 


As the parade came to a close and the time leading up to the game began, it was time for something even wilder. In the high school parking lot was a stripped-down car, surrounded by crime scene tape. For every dollar donated, you got one sledgehammer swing right into the car. As you may have guessed, by the time the game started, that car wasn’t looking so great. 

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